Reviews From 59th American Society of Hematology, Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASH)

Önemli Duyuru

Dear Friends, Young Scholars,

I try to attend or I study the conference abstract booklet of the hematology conferance ( organized in U.S.A. since 1997. When mesenchymal stem cells were first discussed in this conference in 1999, we understood the importance of this discussion and the echoes it would create in the future. A group of young scholars and I gathered together to study what we can do more to deepen the discussion. In 2000, when we first produced the first local MSC and when we first applied it to our first patient, we were confronted with many critical responses. Nonetheless, from those days to now, the use of MSC became prevalent. MSC began to be used as a standart treatment even in the treatment of the disease Graft Versus Host once the Social Security Foundation of our country refunded MSC.

So,what happened during the conference between 3-5 December 2016? This gathering in which 27.000 participants from all around the world came together transformed into a congress of cell therapy. Previous conferences had staged only a few sessions or a few posters on cell therapy, however, each session of this conference included presentations, and posters on lymphoma, lochemia, myeloma, bone marrow transplantation and the control of infectious diseases which were approached through the discussion of how MSC could assist these treatments with an extra session. The conference abstracts including cell therapy products raised from %1 to %9. This can be evaluated as a real victory. The answer to the question which cell therapy was discussed the most in the 2016 ASH conference can be stated as mostly virus specific T (VST) cells, T cells whose genetics were manipulated with cancer vaccines, especially T cells which carry chimeric T cell receptors/Car-T Cells and and T cells which have high affinity T cell receptors/HaTCR-T cell. Nevertheless, something more pleasent happened during this conference. A Turkish researcher from the MD Anderson cancer centre, Muharrem Muftuoglu, presented an oral presentation entitled “Use of Expanded Allogeneic Third Party BK Virus Specific Cytotoxic T Cells to Target Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy” which revealed that we could treat the BK virus infection which has no medical treatment with virus specific T cells apart from mad-cow disease (creutzfeldt-jakob). As a hematologist who studied cell therapy for long years, who has produced the first cancer vaccination in our country since 18 years and the leader of a team which produces virus specific T lenfosites for four years, this developments give me great hope. The deduction from all these reveal the importance of forming preclinic and clinic research and development groups with a rapid infrastructure construction in order to carry out cell therapy. For this reason, as the stem cell and cell therapy association, we are proud to announce to all who have faith in cell therapy that we are planning to organize a Cell Immunotherapy Symposium in Trabzon where the first dendritic cell was produced as a cancer vaccination in 1998. Stay with health.

Prof. Dr. Ercüment Ovalı

The President Of The Society Of Stem Cell and Cellular Treatments

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