41st FEBS Congress

41st FEBS Congress

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We take great pleasure in announcing that the Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS) will be hosting the 41st FEBS Congress to be held in Ephesus / Kuşadası (near Izmir), Turkey, between September 03-08, 2016.

It appears that the year ahead will be full of exciting challenges for all of us. The first indication of what´s in store came when we sat down to create a cover theme for the Congress. Faced with the overwhelming scope of biochemistry, we struggled with our search of a suitable frame of reference and finally landed on


It aims to give you an opportunity to share not only what you have discovered about the structural and operational intricacies of life, but also how this ever-expanding knowledge is being harnessed to improve our welfare, and to achieve a better quality of life.

We expect that the topics (Gene Expression and Regulation; Cell Functions at the Molecular Level; From Systems Biology to Single Molecules; Biochemical Aspects of the Immune Response; Novel Advances in Cancer Research; Molecular Basis of Cardiac Function and Regeneration; Biomaterials; Molecular Neurosciences, Aging and Oxidative Stress) will provide ample flexibility in many directions. The plenary lectures already confirmed are:

Elena Conti, Germany, Theodor Bücher Lecture

Alicia Kowaltowski, Brazil, PABMB Lecture

Seppo Meri, Finland

Roel Nusse, United States of America, IUBMB Lecture

Jacques Pouyssegur, France, EMBO Lecture

James Rothman, United States of America, Closing Lecture

Kari Stefansson, Iceland, Sir Hans Krebs Lecture

Anthony Turner, Sweden, Datta Lecture

Kamil Uğurbil, United States of America

and we are now turning to programming the symposia with the support of many distinguished colleagues worldwide.

On the social side Kuşadası is our main destination, which is one of the most important cultural and touristic centers in Turkey. As well we of course can not skip the importance and fascination of Ephesus, one of the oldest ancient sites in Anatolia with its historical and religious background. Both Kuşadası and Ephesus have several attractions to offer, and there are also many other historical sites within reach. We hope we shall have a great time together here while having scientific discussions and initiating new friendships.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ephesus / Kuşadası in 2016.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Nazmi Özer, PhD

President of the 41st FEBS Congress

Department of Medical Biochemistry

Faculty of Medicine

Near East University, Nicosia, TRNC

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